Dealing with a teething baby is though.   But here’s one treatment that’s more wonderful than weird—introducing breast milk popsicles (aka "momsicles").
Here’s what you’ll need: Liquid gold (breast milk), baby-sized popsicle molds and that’s it.
How to make ’em: Pour expressed breast milk (or formula) into the molds and freeze. Then when your kid gets cranky, simply give her this delicious frozen treat to gnaw on.
Why this works: The cold helps numb the pain plus the added pressure on gums feels good and provides a welcome distraction. Extra bonus? Your child is also getting a nutritious snack. (Just make sure you always keep an eye on your baby when she’s nibbling.)
To make a breastmilk popsicle using a mold simply follow these steps:
	Express fresh breast milk (or use breast milk from fridge)
	Pour into popsicle mold leaving enough room for expanding liquid
	Freeze for a couple hours
	Grab a pop and let baby enjoy

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Breastmilk PopMolds


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