If breastfeeding isn’t going as well as you hoped it would, you may be told to consider using a feeding tube while you breastfeed your baby. This is often known as using a feeding tube.  A feding tube allows you to supplement your baby at the breast with breast milk or formula. Essentially, the baby is breastfeeding at the same time as they are receiving the supplement, right at the breast or chest.  One end of a very thin, flexible tube is placed in a syringe or container, such as a bottle, that contains the supplement. The other end is either inserted into the baby’s mouth after the baby has latched on to the breast, or is attached to the breast with medical tape (not included)ahead of time. The result is that the baby may get some breastmilk from the breast as well as the milk supplement.  You can use it if you have low breastmilk production, are relactating, you are an adoptive parent, you had your baby vía surrogate, you are co-breastfeeding, or baby has been refusing the breast or chest.  It can also be used for finger feeding.  Comes with additional cleaning syringe and instructions.  Tube is Fr #5.  

Suplemental & Relactation Feeding Tube


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